Digital Slide Scanner

NextSlide Scanner:

Slide Scanner

The NextSlide scanner is optimized for lab medicine.  Built by Aperio Technologies and configured by NextSlide, this fully automatic benchtop scanner uses an oil-immersion objective to image the review area of each slide at full 100x resolution.  This “digital smear” is uploaded and is the baseline for every case review.

Slide Size:                              1” or 26mm

Immersion Oil:                      Type “B”

Resolution:                           100x, 0.14µ/pixel

Scan Time (Typical):          ~2 min/slide

Capacity:                              25/hour

Batch Size:                           5 slides/tray


Slidebox Slide Scanner

Slide Scanner Advantages

  • Image Size: The entire review area is available at full 100x resolution, rather than just a small sample area.
  • Versatility: Scan any slide normally reviewed using a 100x microscope – including microbiology smears and less common applications in hematology.
  • Automation: Scanner runs in fully automatic mode – load smears and walk away.
  • No expensive consumables: Uses standard Type-B immersion oil, and washable slide trays can be re-used indefinitely.
  • Flexible: Fast enough to run high volume, with flexibility to run many sample types.


Learn more on Aperio’s website here.

* NextSlide Products are not cleared by the FDA for clinical use