Products & Services

The Efficient Lab

We offer an integrated digital microscopy environment around four services that will create the most efficient lab anywhere!

Digital Slidebox –  Now digitally scan all your 40x and 100x slides and keep the image forever!  No more fading gram stains or oily slides to pass around for education of ‘interesting cases’.  Our digital slide box allows you to store as many slide images as you want for a very nominal data storage fee, and can be free with your help in scoring and releasing your slides for HIPAA Compliant public viewing (all patient information is removed).

Slide Scanning – If you would like your slides scanned, and uploaded for viewing, NextSlide imaging offers that service beginning at just $25 / standard hematology slide.

Certify – We feel there is no better or more efficient process for Competency Testing Hematology Lab Technicians in the world, than our Certify service.    Scoring is automatic, cell-by-cell, and you see EXACTLY which cell each test taker scored so you can be 100% confident in your technicians competency level.

Review – An application for laboratory medicine that is pending FDA Approval. Upon FDA approval, Review will offer all relevant lab staff the ability to view and collaborate on a slide (Hematology and Microbiology) from anywhere using our web-based, ‘in-the-cloud’ service.  No more waiting for someone to come and view a slide under a manual microscope.

* NextSlide Products are not cleared by the FDA for clinical use