NextSlide Review

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NextSlide Digital Review is where the benefits of our platform are realized.  NextSlide Review runs on a Web browser via a secure Web Site, allowing users the flexibility to work anywhere.  The workflow within Review uses the data structure required for your LIS.  Patient data is displayed for the reviewer.  Case routing for consultation or further review is automated.

NextSlide Review creates and uses a full-slide resolution 100x digital image as a replacement for traditional microscopy.

  • It’s easier to train new staff on a monitor than on a microscope.
  • It’s easier to do a differential.  Automatically pre-classifies cells for operator verification.
  • It’s easier to control quality and monitor skills.
  • It’s easier to consult the pathologist or other staff – cases are stored on a hosted server and can be accessed by anyone anywhere in the world via the internet.
  • It’s easier because it’s hosted, so it’s up and running in just weeks!

 “Better than a microscope…It does the whole diff for you!” Karen S., BS, MT (ASCP)

The Review Workflow includes: Cell View; Whole Slide View; and Cytometry View.

Click on image for larger view from selected cases:

Review - Cell View Classification

Review – Cell View; Classified WBC Blood Smear

Review - RBC Whole Slide View

Review – RBC Whole Slide View

Review - Cytometry View

Review – Cytometry View







Pending FDA clearance in hematology – not yet cleared for clinical use in the USA.

* NextSlide Products are not cleared by the FDA for clinical use