The advantages to adopting Next Slide Imaging’s Digital Microscopy Platform for Microbiology are numerous:

  • Store your most interesting cases digitally and know they will last forever!
  • Less waiting  With our virtual hosted service, you can share your slides to any location using a standard web browser.
  • Pan and Zoom   Just like a manual, glass slide microscope, with our imaging, you can pan and zoom just like you would a real microscope!
  • Competency Testing  NextSlide Certify is an automated image-based testing system that greatly simplifies microscopy CT and allows the use of your own slides.
  • Easy Set-up  Other digital systems require complicated system interfaces and expensive licensing.   We can get you started at a price that is less than you might expect!

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Not approved for clinical use.

* NextSlide Products are not cleared by the FDA for clinical use