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RBC Smear

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NOTE: This sample represents only 1-2% of total image available to a registered reviewer.

NextSlide Imaging makes manual differentials and other smear reviews easier for your staff.  The improved ergonomics and efficiency let you free up your skilled staff for other needs in the lab!

The key advantages to using NextSlide Imaging for Hematology are:

  • Efficiency  The system automates does much of the manual microscopy work, yet allows the user to view the smear as if under the microscope.
  • Full 100x Reviewers use both the digital slide and individual cell images, all made at 100x, allowing review of anything observed under high power.
  • WBC Morphology Automatically suggests cell classification for the tech to verify.
Review - Cell View Classification

Review – Cell View; Classified WBC Blood Smear

  • Remote Review by your staff from any pc, anywhere with a standard browser and internet connection! (No extra software, costs, or vpn connection needed.)
  • Flexible enough to scan all your slides, including the manual smears and leukopenic cases often rejected by other digital systems.
  • Hosted Platform  You can be up and running in just weeks, and staff and pathologists can view slides remotely from anywhere there is an internet connection.
  • Competency Testing  NextSlide Certify is an automated image-based testing system that greatly simplifies microscopy CT and allows the use of your own slides.

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Link to a paper published recently in Archives of Pathology and Lab Medicine .

FDA approval pending.


Sickle Cell






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* NextSlide Products are not cleared by the FDA for clinical use