Free CT for Techs

Special Offer – Competency Testing for Hematology Techs Now Made Easy!

No more passing oily slides around to make sure your techs are up to speed.

We believe we offer the best and easiest Hematology Competency Program in the country!

With NextSlide Imaging’s ‘Certify’ program, we will scan your own slides that you created from your own equipment, and then set up accounts for all your techs so that they can simply log on via a standard browser and take the test on-line!

Once your accounts are set up, you can e-mail the test to them all at once.  To take the test, just click on the link in the e-mail and review the test case on NextSlide’s secure site.  Once the test is completed, the administrator can create a report of everyone’s score highlighting exactly which cell(s) they scored correctly and incorrectly!

We are now offering our Certify Program for you to try FREE for 60 days for a limited number of labs – DON’T WAIT! SIGN UP NOW!

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* NextSlide Products are not cleared by the FDA for clinical use