For Lab Professionals

Your lab will run easier and more efficiently.  Staffing bottlenecks are eased!

Even in today’s highly automated hospital labs, smear review remains a critically important skill and are oftentimes the major bottleneck in laboratory operations.  Finding skilled staff that can work the diff bench can be challening in today’s staffing environment.  NextSlide digital review creates a more efficient and comfortable way to work which allows for more staff to be able to do more diffs more efficiently — because it’s easier and more pleasnt to view a slide on a monitor than through a scope.

How it works: Each case starts with a full-resolution “digital smear”, so the reviewer can choose to examine as much of the smear as needed at magnifications up to 100x — just as they would with the microscope and glass. Our system automatically prepares each case in advance, allowing the reviewer to concentrate on classification and morphology.  And NextSlide is flexible enough to run the variety of smears large labs face in daily production, including manual smears and multiple slidemaker/stainers. Finally, each case can be digitally stored in a secure, HIPAA compliant environment that can allow for easy dissemination via a standard web browser or e-mail to any part of the health care team.

 System Benefits

  •  More productive: Complete reviews in a fraction of the time and see personal staff benefit from improved ergonomics.
  •  Flexible scheduling: Review cases from any location using just a browser and an internet connection.
  •  Just like the glass: All cases are created from a “digital smear” available for review.
  •  Compliance: Perform competency testing on your own cases from your own slides; NextSlide handles scheduling and keeps records for audit.
  •  Collaboration: Not sure about what you are seeing? Easily collaborate with a colleague, or route the case to MD Review with a single click.

In short, your lab will run more efficiently, and more easily, and your staff will have more enjoyment in their work with NextSlide Imaging.

FDA clearance pending.

* NextSlide Products are not cleared by the FDA for clinical use