For Hospital Administrators

Now you can:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Use resources more effectively
  • Simplify compliance

NextSlide systems will enable your lab technicians to complete slide reviews in half the time it takes today. Additionally, using our integrated training and compliance tools, they will spend less time preparing for audits and generating paperwork. Our networked design allows your labs to bring the work to your most skilled technicians, wherever they reside. This flexibility will expand organizational capacity and improve utilization without creating a resource crisis.

We understand that NextSlide is not the first company to offer digital imaging tools for lab medicine, nor the first to make promises about lowering costs and improving quality. Several earlier stage toolsets have delivered less than expected, and you’ve probably seen one or more of them sitting idle in the corner of your lab. They didn’t deliver what they promised or couldn’t overcome significant implementation hurdles.

Our approach is different.

Slide Scanner: We have not designed an imaging tool for a specific application, one that is inherently limited by how it works in how it can be used. Our network architecture is designed to integrate slide scanners. These are general-purpose tools that make a full-resolution 100x image, a “digital smear”, of any type of slide. The potential application space for this type of asset is every slide reviewed in your hematology and microbiology labs, whether for clinical, research, or educational use. We are committed to expanding the applications space to leverage your capital investment. While we can provide a scanner, our technology and your investment in NextSlide is flexible and can integrate new technologies as they become available.

Hosted Solution: We built our system in the cloud so that we can deploy it efficiently and support our customers more effectively. Our servers interact with your systems, so integration is our job, not yours. We complete the integration of your systems before the hardware lands in your labs, and we do not get paid until your system is ready for production. And every time we upgrade the system, all of our customers get better performance, immediately, instead of an upgrade brochure and a quote.

Risk Mitigation: Our business model is based on a subscription. If we fail to deliver what we promise, you can cancel the service. If your lab has access to a compatible scanner, we can connect it to get you started. We can also provide equipment on terms that manage your capital commitment.

* NextSlide Products are not cleared by the FDA for clinical use