Certify Detail

NEXTSLIDE CERTIFY is an integrated competency assessment module for clinical lab microscopy. CERTIFY offers lab directors and supervisors a paperless, integrated, web-based process for auditing, skills evaluation, training, and testing of microscopy based lab tests such as the manual WBC differential.

Key Benefits:

  • Efficiency – Reduces administration burden; eliminates slide duplication and distribution.
  • Compliance – Administrator tools to track testing and prepare for audit.
  • Confidence – Cell-by-cell scoring allows accurate assessment of morphology skills.
  • Viewing – Same view as microscope.
  • Customized – Scan your own slides, or pick from our library of digital slides.
  • Automatic – Certify automatically scores the tests and sends the administrator a detailed report that is ready for CAP!

CERTIFY takes the work out of compliance and competency testing!

CERTIFY offers several advantages over conventional training and testing methods.

  • No equipment to buy.
  • Simple to set-up.
  • We can scan your slides for customized testing.
  • Fast implementation!

Here is how the test looks to the test taker – their job is to classify the cells by simply clicking on the number pad on their pc or by using their mouse to click it off on the right side.  Before the test taker takes the test, the administrator (you) already pre-scored (classified) the cells.





When the test is done, the administrator see how the test compares to their score and can easily see, cell-by-cell, where the student or lab tech made the errors.

The incorrect score will show up with how you scored it and how they scored it!









You get a detailed report of everyone who passed (and failed) which you can use for audit purposes.









It’s fast and easy and your lab can try it with no obligation!   Trial Details.

Download the Nextslide Certify Brochure (.pdf)

* NextSlide Products are not cleared by the FDA for clinical use