We offer applications for :

FDA clearance pending.

For Hematology we offer our Proficiency Testing tool, ‘Certify‘.  ‘Certify’ is the best way to know whether your staff accurately knows how to do a diff.  We are soon to release our ‘Review’ product for laboratory clinical medicine: FDA clearance pending.

For Microbiology we are able to scan gram stains at a full slide view which allows you to pan them at 40x and zoom into 100x – just like you would on a microscope. Then you can send the slide, via e-mail, to the pathologist to ‘review’ for confirmation on the diagnosis.

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With Review for Hematology, our scanner and software will scan and perform the cell morphology for you so that all you have to do is ‘review’ it and approve (or edit) it. Review should allow the hematology lab to double or triple its productivity as 25 slides per hour for differential can be easily accomplished while still allowing time for other lab work.

As well, we are currently developing our specimen identification software, just as we have for Hematology, to be able to identify and pull up for viewing microbiology specimens of specific interest.

FDA clearance pending.



* NextSlide Products are not cleared by the FDA for clinical use