NextSlide Imaging was founded in 2008 to create an integrated digital microscopy environment for lab medicine.    Advanced imaging technology can deliver improved efficiency and diagnostic accuracy, and ultimately better patient care.

NextSlide Review is the first integrated digital imaging solution for laboratory microscopy that makes and uses full-resolution images of the entire reviewed portion of the smear slide, an image that can be used like the glass.  Our hosted network enables many of the key benefits of the system.  The design of the network and other related innovations are protected by US Patent 7,936,913.   FDA clearance pending.

Many systems are able to create a digital image from a glass slide.

Only NextSlide integrates all these elements for laboratory microscopy:

  • Whole-slide imaging technology at 100x resolution, just like looking at the glass
  • Hosted software requires only an internet connection
  • Flexibility to run more of your slides (Manuals, Leukopenics, etc)
  • Microbiology! – scan any monolayer sample at 100x
  • Paperless CT/PT module for education and compliance
  • Automatic archiving and slide storage
  • No added consumables – uses standard slides and immersion oil
  • Easy LIS Integration – Guaranteed!

Explore the benefits of adding digital microscopy to your lab operation.  Contact us to learn more!

* NextSlide Products are not cleared by the FDA for clinical use