Digital Microscopy in the Cloud

NextSlide Imaging creates digital imaging tools for laboratory microscopy; specifically for 100x applications in hematology and microbiology. NextSlide Review is the first integrated digital imaging solution for laboratory microscopy that makes and uses full-resolution images of the entire reviewed portion of the smear slide; an image that can be used like the glass. FDA clearance pending.

Nextslide Imaging offers Lab Professionals, Physicians, and Hospital Administrators a true digital microscopy platform for the lab which makes the lab work easier.  Our solution offers a turnkey, dynamic, and  image-based information system enabling the acquisition, management, and analysis of pathology information. The images are generated from digitized glass slides stored in your own, free Digital Slidebox, and accessible via Safe, Secure, HIPAA-compliant application anytime, anywhere.

Our hosted network enables many of the key benefits of the system.  The design of the network and other related innovations are protected by US Patent 7,936,913.

See Archives of Pathology June 2012 article on Digital Imaging

RBC Smear

* NextSlide Products are not cleared by the FDA for clinical use